Vedic Palmistry

Find out what your hands say about you with Dimension Coaching

Vedic palmistry, commonly used in India, is the study of the hand structure, lines and signs.  It is an amazing tool that can help you discover and understand your true nature. As part of a professional coaching program, it is a tool that can help understand who you are and demonstrate that life experiences and habits shape your life. It is a science that allows you to make the links between your personality, your thoughts and your way of living.

During a Vedic palmistry consultation with Diane, you benefit of an analysis of both hands to:

  • Understand how your physical, mental and emotional energies are used depending on your past and present life potential.
  • Better develop your levels of consciousness.
  • Find clues for a balanced personal development of the different spheres of your life.

Lines and hand markings are unique and change according to what we are experiencing. They help pay particular attention to the following dimensions:

  • Body: Joy of life, physical energy, personal motivation and sense of well-being
  • Mind: Thoughts, perceptions, reasoning, judgment and decision-making
  • Soul: Love, emotions, creativity, commitment, generosity, magnanimity and interpersonal relationships

Each individual consultation session in Vedic palmistry with Diane Lacelle is confidential and includes:

  • The unique fingerprinting with ink
  • Analysis of the dominant hand and non-dominant hand
  • Advice and counseling for your personal growth specific to your situation
  • Integration of practices in the coaching program, if any.

It is beneficial to integrate Vedic palmistry in a professional coaching program for complete results in your personal and professional life.

Diane Lacelle was trained in Vedic palmistry at the Birla Center.

For more details on the work process, you can learn more here or you can contact Diane directly for a Vedic palmistry consultation.