Human Resource Management

Dimension Coaching is your support  in human resource management

Human resource management in an organization includes multiple areas of responsibility to ensure a workforce that is motivated and productive in a healthy workplace that promotes innovation and the development of sustainable skills.

Diane’s significant experience in human resource management brings her to offer assistance to managers in the essential elements so that you demonstrate innovation and excellence in the management of human resource in your organization.

She can guide you and support you in the review of your governance system and the development and management of the following responsibilities:

  • organizational design and work descriptions
  • working conditions and compensation
  • competency profiles
  • strategies and recruitment processes
  • staffing of vacant positions
  • staff learning and development
  • performance and talent management
  • labour relations as well as health, safety and wellness in the workplace

Diane will assist you in establishing strategies and plans for sound management of human resources in the short and medium term in all areas of your business.

Additionally, professional coaching services and the integration of different tools and practices such Vedic palmistry can be complementary in certain situations for the full support of individuals in the organization.

For more details on the work process, click here or contact Diane directly for support related to human resource management.